What are you if you don’t have imagination, ambition and curiosity? It’s what separates us from every other species. And, if we all want to stay around a little while longer we’ve also got to stop diminishing and start creating.

I take a lateral approach to most things in life, always looking for ways of doing things that defy the norm; a process of reinvention. I believe in staying green – not in the new wave sense – but by renewing oneself and constantly staying fresh. Bob Dylan said it better than anyone; He not busy being born is busy dying.

To leave a more resounding mark on the world you can’t do it by climbing over people. You’ve got to take people with you. In fact, if you collaborate, you end up with a stronger result. I have certainly been lucky enough to have worked alongside some inspirational and talented people along the way.

I am interested in the way we communicate, the subtleties and nuances that can sometimes say so much more than the language they surround.

I employ some of these understandings in my work. I love the way symbols, language and image can be used to connect, to create empathy, to resonate, to resolve broken understanding, to communicate complex ideas and to shake beliefs.

I sit back and console myself. If I am to be here this short while, then at the very least I have made an attempt at bringing something to the world that makes it a fraction better than before I arrived.

If this sounds all a bit too earnest, a little saccharine even; rest assured, I know what I do doesn’t cure cancer and that the ability to laugh at oneself is possibly one of the greatest ways of seeing your place in the world.