Creating a retail brand that says 'premium'

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Client Contact:

Jennifer and Jeremy Lang


Gill Coltart
Scott Newlands and Joanne Maguire
Lindsay Keats

Jennifer and Jeremy Lang had been supplying the food trade with their handcrafted gourmet finger food for some time under a commercial banner. Farro Fresh (a specialist grocer) in Auckland had caught wind of the products; they met their quality standards and were a good fit with their customers, so they asked Wild Chef to develop a retail brand.

Working to meet a market described as the ‘home chef’ – and by focussing tightly on their needs around entertaining for meals and hors-d’oeuvres, Wild Chef developed a range of ten products and needed to build a consumer brand and deliver a range of initial serving options for a trial, and then full retail launch.

The product is made using really amazing ingredients. Jeremy is a chef by trade and couldn’t face using the likes of synthetic ingredients, fillers or powders. Grated potato had to be grated potato. The brand needed to reflect the level of quality and hand-craftedness, as well as fit the customer base’s idea of quality.

Every touchpoint needed to reflect this quality, and be supported by copy and typography that had a bespoke look and feel to them. A range of artisan looking fonts were put into the brand signature mix, put alongside a palette of colour that delineated the range.

Initially they were proposing five SKUs, but once they saw the concepts for the brand they asked Wild Chef to develop packaging for all ten.

The launch went extremely well and the challenge was gearing the production up to meet demand.

This project was recognised at Graphis with a Silver.