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Sarah GibbsCatherine De Groot


Lucy Dobbs
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Trilogy was a start up company, grown out of a manufacturer who was extracting rosehip oil for other cosmetic companies on and offshore. They recognised that their process was unique and could see a niche for a new product for an untapped market.

The ingredients were based on pure and natural sources of utmost quality. The difference from other manufacturers being the efficacy and therefore promise these products could offer to consumers.

A completely new positioning between being a pharmacological and cosmetic product meant it couldn’t look too frivolous, it had too look serious and yet would look comfortable in either category.

Everything Trilogy do is about having a light touch; from their carbon footprint, their effect on the environment, their sources for ingredients, their formulations and even the fragrances their products have. They have built on this positioning, with the emotional triggers of Simple, Pure and Vital. This meant that every touchpoint of the brand had to express this too.

Woman have become tired and cynical of major cosmetic brands for a multitude of reasons and Trilogy have been right there, ready to capitalise on that.

Revenue growth year on year of 200% has seen them named as one of Deloitte’s fastest fifty growing companies in New Zealand.