Creating a flexible platform within constrained formats

Communications Concept platform

  • Art Direction
  • Concept platform
  • Copywriting

Client Contact:

Tower’s advertising agency had established a campaign ‘Its our policy to make life easier’ and it was my task to take this platform and make it mean something throughout all below the line material.

I shortened the proposition to ‘Making life easier’ and around that had to develop a concept platform that could articulate what the brand stood for externally and internally.

I came up with the ‘Because’ platform, combining a slice of life Kiwi imagery and related copy. ‘Because’ worked because it conveyed an empathetic attitude to real life situations that we all face; it operates on a human, everyday level. The platform positions Tower New Zealand as a company that endorses and enables New Zealanders to get on with life – to face difficult situations, move on from them and to maximise life.

This is about everyday scenarios, from a pragmatic, positive point of view where it’s the little things that make the difference.

Interestingly, New Zealand Post came up with the same positioning a few months afterward.