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Client Contact:

Troy Kelly and Kaye Su

The Armoury is a beautifully crafted sound studio built by Troy Kelly. Everything about it is purpose built, and every detail of its construction and build sweated over. This is because everything about it had to be exact. Every surface refraction studied, every material researched. Some surfaces were remodeled two or three times to get them just right. He is also a fan of up-cycling; giving old materials new life.

Troy is a perfectionist and he takes this approach to his craft. From Music recording, sound engineering to post production he is fastidious to the nth degree. His bedrock piece of equipment was imported (at considerable expense) from Peter Gabriel’s studio in England; the SSL 4024G.

His clients range from self-styled rappers and grunge bands to swanky agencies, and so the appeal for his identity had to be wide. This meant not falling too hard into any one camp.

We opted for a simple approach, without any hint of metal or tech in it. It came down to a simple idea of making a speaker symbol from a stenciled ‘a’.

Then came a layering of both pattern and texture, along with some attitudinal value propositions.

Everything has its place and Troy is like a pig in the proverbial. He has built his home to his liking and he won’t be moving anytime soon.