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Ben FormanKate Lintott


Ben Forman

Up till now, imaging from a height has been problematic and expensive. Helicopters are thousands of dollars an hour to operate, and have many restrictions when flying.

UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) technology has changed all that. Multi-rotor electronic vehicles are able to fly precisely planned GPS paths carrying all manner of photographic equipment, and able to fly at up to 70kmph in moderate winds.

Sycamore’s difference is not the kit however, but the expertise. To do all this they are staffed by a combination of professional photographers and professional pilots. They also had the foresight to get CAA certified, which means they have far less restrictions than competitors when it comes to their operations.

My brief was to create a disctinctive identity, that put them squarely in the new technology arena.

Sycamore take a no limits approach to aerial imaging and enable companies to dream big and capture what was never before possible either on land or in the air. So the positioning I came up for them was ‘See beyond’, which positions them nicely for both the creative industries as well as infrastructure services.

They have fast gained distinction as being the go-to aerial imaging company, being employed by the likes of film production houses, as well as infrastructure giants such as Infratil.