Revitalising a National retail brand

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    The Banks Group:Jeremy BankKaye SuJohn Bank


    Kaye Su
    Raewyn Topp
    Louise Hatton
    Kevin Liu

    The Banks Group run a tripartite of three retail brands. Shoe Connection is the fastest growing of these and because perceptions of the old identity were holding them back, they decided to revitalise the brand and inject new life throughout all the key touchpoints.

    We got underway by working through a brand positioning and blueprint, to reaffirm the values and key brand promise. To get as wider perspective as possible, we started by involving staff right across the business, including some from the retail floor, working through all the brand touchpoints.

    What became quickly apparent was the passion everyone had for not only shoes, but providing the highest level of service possible; be it to customers, suppliers, or to each other internally. The broad product range became a key differentiator from other retailers, some who have quite narrow seasonal stories. Shoe Connection’s focus is to enable customers’ personal style through the most up-to-date, internationally sourced range through highly personalised service - with a passion. The whole brand essence in ‘Wowing’ customers.

    This all supported the ‘Mad About Shoes’ positioning the company was currently working with. The key task of the rebrand was therefore to bring this to life.

    Positioning Shoe Connection as a fashion brand was essential, and getting the gender balance right was critical. Thus the final mark had to be reasonably neutral, and timeless… This to support fast-paced change and season-by-season communications that allowed the story to adapt and change.

    New sales channels were explored, a new catalogue format and photography style established.

    Stores are being updated, with new fit-outs and signage is being updated. Staff are reinvigorated and this is definitely showing up in the bottom line.