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Event Invite

  • Design
  • Art Direction
  • Concept

Client Contact:

Diana BidwillChristine Arden


Andy Radka
Mark Di Somma

When the wife of the studio owner asks you to design a DL invite to his 40th birthday you have two choices; relent and do a DL, or go with what you know HE will appreciate and earn his trust/respect/goodwill. The co-owner of DNA, Christine Ardern, conspired and all the stops were pulled out.

Grenville Main was going to be overseas while all the arrangements for his birthday were being made, so suddenly we had free reign of his house. Book a photographer for an afternoon, set up studio on the kitchen table and shoot items from all around the house… suddenly a story takes shape…

Forty pages of case bound goodness, leatherette cover, die-cutting, labels and butterfly envelopes… how excessive can you make it?