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Ben Ponne


Josh Burt

Executive Leadership Development; same type of course world over, or is it? Ben Ponne does it quite differently; he takes different leadership philosophies from around the world and throws people into a leadership course with a totally new dimension. His courses are immersive, kinesthetic, and absorbing. They could be in Queenstown using the environment, adrenalin and fear, or in the Australian Outback, based on ancient aboriginal tribal philosophies or out of China, using Confucianist ideas and principles.

I had to start with a naming exercise, something that reflected leadership, renewal and growth; through alternative styles. A shortlist was developed and passed around international stakeholders for feedback. One seemed to stand out. Neo seemed to wrap all the requirements up; short and punchy, suggests renewal and growth, demonstrating leadership in a fresh way.

The identity had to work to support the idea behind this new educational concept. It also had to support the nuances of the freshly developed name. The big idea was drawing out a visual element that suggested energy and renewal, something that didn’t stop moving. The logo is expressed in these ever-changing whirls of energy. No one application of it would be the same. The whirl device and the word mark would always have a dynamic relationship.

The application really became a place to add layers of expression, both graphically and through a communication ‘spirit’. A tone and manner was created to help support the principles of the business.

Neo is on an exciting development programme. An international network falling into place. Things are picking up pace. The first courses are due to be held late 2011.

It picked up a Gold Award in the International Graphis Award Competition, Branding 6, 2013.