Putting more Go into an internal communications programme

Internal Communications

    Client Contact:

    Julie-Ann YoungLeigh Strange


    Grenville Main
    Caz Vize

    The National Bank has a very strong internal culture. There was a sense that the take-over by the ANZ Banking Group a few years before had somehow diluted the service ethos of the bank.

    The National Bank wanted an effective internal communications platform that could be rolled out in many guises and  at many different levels. They had a programme entitled ‘Service First’, but no-one could really understand or articulate what it meant, let alone feel like they could own it.

    I reinterpreted the whole positioning as ‘GO’. The programme itself I gave the title ‘Go Ahead’. This literally works two ways; being permissive and as an instruction.

    It became a positive catalyst for action, it was green, gave them ownership and was flexible and campaignable. When it was set against a framework of expected behaviours it had a lot of resonance and staff readily adopted it.

    It reignited pride in the National Bank culture and give staff a clear course of action, no matter what their day to day function is.