Bringing a little magic to mobile technology

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Client Contact:

Tom Murphy

MagicPulse is part magic and part technology. It is all about Mobile Text and the power of its use as a tool to reach customers.

MagicPulse’s point of difference is that they not only understand how to integrate the technology, but understand marketing and how to use the mobile channel to communicate - both ways.

In the design for their identity I considered all their touchpoints; the technology, communities coming together and communication. The client wanted a strong flavour of ‘Up with the play’ and a sense of movement. The negative shape within the spindle almost seems to ‘swim’ within the interconnecting forms.

As a start up company, we were also driven by cost and only used two colours throughout. We developed a number of toolbox elements such as patterns and variations on the spindle which get used in various places; including the website.