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Branding and Product Design

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Client Contact:

Ben PujjiAngeline Harrington

My client approached me with a business idea they wanted to bring to life. They wanted to create a range of unique gift stationery and homeware, featuring ranges of retro artwork from 1940s and 1950s children’s books. To support their product lines they also wanted to create their own design range for things like greeting cards, wrapping papers and personal stationery items.

The brand had to function as both the product and company brand, so a high degree of flexibility was required.

As their name suggests, they create product ranges comprised of small additions of artwork, allowing them to keep flexible and fresh using on demand printing.

I developed a flexible brand signature based on a number of design directions they liked, creating a set of ‘colophons’ (printers marks) that they could deploy across their products.

I handworked the typography to reflect some of the artisan qualities of the artwork they feature, created a range of patterns and illustration style to use in their product branding and packaging.

I designed formats for the product elements such as closure tags, envelope formats and sizes for the greeting card ranges. I also created a range of illustrations to support merchandise activity and become products in their own right.