Reframing a tired brand to the right kind of consumer

Branding and Identity

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  • Vehicle Livery

Client Contact:

Terry DonaldLisa Ellingham


Sherryn Macdonald
Gill Coltart

Lewis’s Fabrics is a household name in Wellington and had a history of decorating homes with quality soft furnishings for over 65 years. Their service and expertise were second to none, their range expansive; incorporating some of the most exclusive ranges down to more mainstream ranges. The big problem was that their branding was holding them back.

One piece of anecdotal feedback we had from one customer was she wouldn’t want their van up her driveway as she wouldn’t want the neighbours to know she was getting curtains from them, despite being very happy with the service and product she received. We needed to lift the brand signature in terms of both quality and appeal. At the very least, have customers proud to have the van up the driveway!

The old brand looked like a bargain fabric barn, I decided to craft a brand signature that instilled a sense of heritage, quality and expertise. As they are all about colour and pattern, I crafted a range of patterns to go with a range of colours; both brights and muted shades, so the brand was ever-changing. There are four different types of letterhead, four different business cards staff could chose from. The Lewis’s brand could then keep up with latest fabric and seasonal colour trends.

Staff are the biggest proponents of the branding change, and there is a new sense of pride for them too. Customers are now delighted to see the van pulling up their driveway. For my efforts, this project picked up a Best Award in 2008.