Telling a compelling visual story for a sole trader

Identity Project

  • Stationery
  • Brand Signature
  • Strategy

Client Contact:

Keith Vaughan

Keith Vaughan is a man of principle. He is an employment consultant who has a slightly unconventional approach to the advice he gives out; he is common–sense. But, he isn’t exactly politically correct either.

He grew up as a ‘coloured’ in South Africa. When you don’t fit in either a black or white camp, you are your own kind of minority. The lessons learnt there was in him becoming more determined to see the ‘common good’ being brought about and a heightened sense of natural justice.

He is a big proponent of thinking different. Part of him becoming a consultant was that he doesn’t exactly fit the system. His advice is nonetheless refreshing. It often means the organisation rethinking their employment policy, and individuals rethinking what their contribution should fairly be.

He is now a New Zealand citizen and wanted to reflect this, as well as his South African origin in his identity. The K and V is turned into a device that becomes the cornerstone to the identity. The directional arrow represents the change in both thinking pattern and direction that is often the result of his advice.

The patterns are a happy blend of Tikanga Maori and Ndebele arts and crafts.

This identity bagged a Bronze Best award in 2009.