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David ClearwaterLaurence Greig


Louise Hatton
Amie Richardson

Skincare in many instances is basically a fraud. Products don’t stand up to claims, the category is full of puffery and pomp. There are expected formulas to follow and ways you have to do things to fit in.

A scientist, Professor Shaun Holt, was researching the therapeutic properties of bee venom, and was curious to the claims being made about it in reducing fine lines and wrinkles. After testing various formulations, he hit on an amazing discovery. The formulation he developed proved effective in over 90% of women he tested… and Kanu Bee Venom was born.

In tandem with that, a new and patented way of extracting the venom, without harming the bees was found.

With such a compelling product story, it’s hard not to build something conclusive around it from a brand point of view.

With a price point on the product being mid range (for the category), Kanu still wanted a premium look and feel, in order that customers were feeling like they were getting value for money, and allowing them to grow into more SKUs.

A photoshoot was commissioned to tell the story, using the metaphor of beauty at its source, a Kanuka forest.

The product is due for release soon, and by all acounts, about to take the market by storm.