Using a family story to create a powerful identity

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Joe Ryan

The Ryan vineyard is hewn out of an old family farm on Dakins Road, Wairarapa.

It is owned by the seven Ryan brothers and sisters, who from far flung places round the globe, rely on their youngest brother, Joseph to manage and produce the wine. Their father was an Irish immigrant, so they wanted to reflect this in the brand and packaging.

Their bond is represented by a Celtic knot. Traditionally, Celtic knots have even numbered components, so the challenge here was to develop one that worked with seven.

The final illusion is of a never ending cord, almost looking as if it were made from the vines themselves, but with the mathematical preciseness of someone fixated by detail.

Joseph himself is meticulous about how everything is done, and this has been seen by the rest of the family as not only a good representation of them as a family (with a nod to their father), but also of the namesake, Joseph Ryan himself.

Joseph has reported a strong and positive reaction to his export back to the Emerald Isle (not being big wine drinkers), citing the branding as one of his key successes in establishing a partnership with a key distributor there.