Creating an entertainment venue that fickle crowds could identify with

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Client Contact:

Mike Brown


Caz Vize

Jet Bar was to be the new venture between the partners that owned Shed 5 in Wellington.

Bar crowds are fickle and follow each other to the latest hot spots. The partners in Jet Bar wanted to create an venue that had traction and longevity. They had come up with the concept of Jet Bar but didn’t really know where to take it.

The Spatial designers had the idea of basing it on a retro airport lounge. The location was unique; it had an underground cellar which suited the theme perfectly. Everything flowed from there; brand, identity and interior design. The brand elements were carried into the environment and incorporated into surfaces and fittings.

Despite a planned investment period of eighteen months to two years, the bar was kept going for six and a half years. It became a Wellington Institution.

I designed the stationery into shapes that worked with the feeling of the logo. Everything was based on what was considered modern for the day, the shape of aircraft windows… bring on the Jet Age.