A changing of the guard

Communications Concept platform

  • Art Direction
  • Concept
  • Design

Client Contact:


Tim Worrall
Miriam Barbarich
Ian Robertson

Hui Taumata is the Maori Economic forum. Once every twenty years there is a Hui where every hapu from around New Zealand gathers to discuss the economic and social wellbeing of Maori.

The concept for the last forum was ‘Changing of the guard’. A signal that the baton had passed from one generation to the next. I worked with a Maori Creative advisor, Tim Worrall to come up with the creative theme and expression for the event.

A photography shoot was commissioned and shot at Unitec, Auckland. A whole generation of Maori were photographed, including a distinguished member of the Maori Battalion. Alongside the concept core copy themes were deployed.

The centrepiece was a motion media movie, which reflected the new stance. This was a combination of typography, photography put together in After Effects and Final Cut Pro.

It ran as a stand alone movie with a sound track, which was played at key points in the conference and as a backdrop to meals and other events. A portrait version was also cut together as a multi-media banner continuously moving each side of the stage.

Many attendees were moved on first showing, some to tears, which was testament to its power and how well it was on message. It created a positive backdrop to the Hui. Many are now looking forward to the next in twenty years or so, when another generation will look pass on the Mania…