Exuding credibility in a field of intense observation and regulation

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Thomas WutzlerCatherine Lee


Nick Sampson
Gill Coltart

Helfen are a small, tight-knit team of Property Surveyors who specialise in remediation and litigation around ‘leaky buildings’. Thomas Wutzler and his partner Catherine Lee complement each other. Thomas has years of experience as a building surveyor, Catherine as a barrister. They set up Helfen (German for ‘help’) to help people find their way out of a leaky building nightmares. It is an emotionally fraught time for building owners, and the costs can be horrific.

Helfen pride themselves on the exacting nature of their work. From the discovery process through to the tied-down and complex litigation they get involved in. In many senses, they are end-t0-end. Their point of difference from other companies is their ability to interpret data, construction industry jargon and legalese, and to keep their clients abreast of a highly involving process.

The identity is all about their exacting precision, the clarity of their process and the credibilty they bring to the table with the company’s combined expertise. A stylised ‘H’ device is honed like a jewel, synonymous of quality and precision. Angles are set precisely against each other in isometric projection. Colours and patterns create warm against a backdrop of the cold hard facts they must sometimes deliver.