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Charlie BaycroftDavid BoydMaureen Manson


Grenville Main
Gill Coltart
Julian Apse

Charlie Baycroft founded Foot Science International on the back of his expertise in sports medicine. He noticed many of his patients were suffering from foot and leg problems. Eventually he discovered a system that could cure a lot of common ailments: the Formthotic. It was an foot appliance made from closed cell foam that was carved, not formed from a mould.

Soon after the business grew. Footscience expanded beyond its medical beginnings to include specialist retail sport products that could be fitted without the need to see a podiatrist. More ranges were added and there became a clear need to separate and define there various ranges.

Another problem was that the reputation of the parent company was overshadowed by one product and Foot Science needed to stand (on its own two feet) on its own. Its products had become dated and had started to lose relevance in the marketplace.

My task was to create a strong brand architecture, starting with a parent brand that had strong links to its family of products. The two main sales channels; medical and retail had to have a clear delineation. All products needed to cross–attribute to each other to reinforce the efficacy of the company’s medical origins an IP. Within that I designed a component system to help identify key features of products.

New packaging and product communications were also developed. A major photography shoot was commissioned which I art directed

The brand is now re-energised, has a much stronger family feel and has a distinct architecture. It has been a resounding success in the marketplace, especially in key export markets where the distributors are extremely sensitive to change.