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Environmental graphics

  • Hammering
  • Art Direction
  • Concept

Client Contact:

Grenville Main


Mike Collinge
Amanda Nilsen
Scott Newlands
Melanie Morris

Every few months the staff at DNA design team up and have to come up with a ‘wall’. Out front in the reception area is a massive curved wall, a blank wall if you don’t sort it by the deadline. The idea is to install some kind of art piece or environmental graphics. Yes, the brief is wide open. Yes, there is a budget.

Our brief read something like; ‘How do we communicate through multiple layers and channels when it comes to identity?’ I had been tinkering with a way of making the wall concept fluid… to last more than just three months, and to communicate with more frequency and more relevantly to the here and now.

Digital Analogue was born. An analogue digital field of hundreds of tiny cards with holes punched in them. Some canny work on a photocopier, all call to a friendly printer to supply diecut cards, and afternoon session with death metal, ladders and 1500 nails later and hey presto! We only used a third of our budget and a three month wall is still up two years later and has already been replicated elsewhere.

A nice late addition was the Best Award it picked up in 2009.