A banana's a banana's a banana isn't it?

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Client Contact:

Simon Coley

Or is it? All Good are a company that’s focussed on fair trade. People realise the goodness of bananas, but don’t really understand the source; the place where they’re grown. Many banana growers are in third world countries and quite frankly, get a raw deal. All Good are about sourcing bananas from sustainable plantations, but more importantly offer a fair price to their growers.

The branding had to sit well with consumers. They were up against the same problem as free range eggs. There is a slight premium to price and consumers needed to be educated about fair trade bananas at point of sale.

These bananas needed a bit of attitude. And, because all bananas essentially look alike, we needed a strong brand that stood out amongst the Equadors, the Doles and the Chiquitas. I opted for a pop art, Yellow Submarine look. I developed a font that reflected the playful character and a set of communications messages that had a consistent expression.

The project saw the light of day, but in another guise. Other wisdom came into play. I still think it would have worked gang busters!