Separating the identity of high performance identical twins

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Grenville Main


Charlie Ward
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This was the second in a series of multimedia events entitled “Adrenalin”; an event which highlights extraordinary people, and what drives their success. The focus of this years event was none other than two of New Zealand’s Olympic champions - Caroline and Georgina Evers-Swindell.

They had become media darlings with their success at Athens and were hot property. All the questions to them however remained the same: “How did it feel to win a gold medal?” We felt it was time for a different approach. We decided to focus on the key thing that gave them their success: their strength as a team through their strength as individuals.

Two events in both Auckland and Wellington were held for clients and suppliers. We developed a three minute intro/outro reel to their actual presentation, which provided a fanatastic counterpoint to the girls’ relaxed delivery style.

We finally produced a momento book: INDIVI-DUAL, which explored in more detail some of the themes we’d asked the twins to present to our clients. It was a double reverse bound book with two spines that could be read either individually or concurrently, depending on how you were holding it. Colleen Tunnicliffe, Charlie Ward and I drove fifty kilometres out of our way to visit a taxidermist who hacked of the foot off a frozen black swan so we could photograph it.